Michael Becker has dedicated his life and career to healthcare and is focused on helping educate others about the realities of living with a terminal disease. Michael also helps create awareness about the human papillomavirus (HPV), its connection to six cancers, and advocating for disease prevention through HPV vaccination.

Through his biotech industry career, cancer diagnosis, participation in clinical trials, and much more, Michael offers a truly unique view inside the patient experience.

Keynotes and Other Speaking Engagements
In today’s world, successful corporations both big and small, hire and motivational speakers to open and close conferences in order to give their employees a refreshed perspective and boost their confidence. Some companies even hold less formal motivational speaking sessions monthly in order to increase energy and boost the morale of their employees.

Michael’s first book, A Walk with Purpose (Amazon), is part memoir, part fascinating look inside the biotechnology industry. This framework serves as the basis for his inspirational “A Talk with Purpose” speaking engagements, which are customized for each client.

  • Keynote Speaker for Businesses, Nonprofits, and Associations
  • Conference Presenter and/or Panelist
  • Podcasts and Media Interviews
  • Book signings

Freelance Science and Medical Writing
Michael has been invited to author opinion editorials and other freelance articles that have been published by NBC Think, BioCentury, STAT News, National Public Radio (NPR), and other media outlets. He has published more than one hundred articles for his popular My Cancer Journey blog and continues to explore both the science and business of health.

  • Bylined Articles
  • Market Research
  • Investor Materials — Slide Presentations, Annual Reports, Newsletters
  • Medical Meeting Coverage
  • Social Media — Blog Posts, Web Content, Marketing Materials

Michael leverages real-world, in-house experience and relationships in both the life sciences industry and financial sector to provide a full range of consulting services to the life sciences industry. He is uniquely positioned to understand what clients, investors, physicians, patient advocacy groups, and the media both want and need.